Friday, April 18, 2008

Back cover text

Now, like many of you, I often end up shaking my head at the brief descriptions on the back covers of my favorite books. Seems like either the cover-writer never read the book, or else a marketing assistant was tasked with making a philosophical odyssey sound sexy. With that grain of salt firmly under your tongue, take a look at what the back cover of Ordobat's Folly might say:


In a strict and peaceful society on a far-flung world, Mel just wants to be left alone with his obsession: to brew the perfect ale. But harsh competition from cheap, inferior beer threatens to drive him out of business unless he and his bartending partner Max do something drastic. So Mel finds himself flying off to a dangerous jungle, where he gets entangled in an ugly dispute between a ruthless Galactic corporation and their strangely inhuman workers, led by a tough, beautiful half-breed. Unlike the civilized locals, the Company has no qualms about using violence to get their way — and all Mel wanted to do was sell some beer!

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